Join the movement to end student trafficking

STUDENT TRAFFICKING is the act of recruiting a student through lies, charging exploitative fees, but not providing the student with a proper education. Believe it or not, your college could be involved.

Here’s the problem — At the moment, it’s easy to abuse the recruitment process. Colleges often recruit through agents in the country of origin, and can claim ignorance when the agents cheat the students.

Well, the buck stops here.

You, college students, are best placed to stop student trafficking. You are the paying customers of these colleges and you need to make your voice heard.

Here’s how.

Create a petition badge and share it on Facebook, tagging your college’s official Facebook account so that they know about it.

Search for your college to make a petition badge, and find out its official Facebook name.

Find a way to be heard. If your college doesn’t allow tagging, send it through email or private message.

Organise a forum on human trafficking. Institutions can use R.AGE’s DIY screening kit for this.

Has your college pledged yet?

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