Chapter 3:The Smuggler
Chapter 5:The Policeman

1. A pangolin is captured by human hunters, who catch them in the forest or plantation areas.

2. The hunter sells the pangolin to a middleman, who sells it on to criminal syndicates.

3. Pangolins are also smuggled into the country from abroad. Live pangolins are usually smuggled from across the Melaka Straits, or from Kalimantan to Sabah and Sarawak.

4. The pangolins are sent to a collection point.

5. In Peninsular Malaysia, the pangolins are transported by land to the northern border, usually in passenger cars.

6. The border police, often involved in the smuggling syndicate, allows the smuggled pangolins to pass.

7. The pangolins are usually transported to Laos, then on to Vietnam and China.

8. In East Malaysia, pangolins are known to be shipped to Vietnam or China from Sabah.

9. Pangolin scales from Africa are known to transit in Malaysia via air or sea cargo, enroute to China and Vietnam.

10. Since 2011, 21,174 pangolins have been seized where Malaysia was either a source or transit country.

Chapter 3:The Smuggler
Chapter 5:The Policeman