An exclusive investigative documentary series by R.AGE into an international human trafficking ring which uses private colleges in Malaysia to exploit young Bangladeshis.

Support the campaign to give student trafficking victims a second chance at education.


슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)’s Choi Siwon has a message for his fans about standing together against bullying. Stay tuned for the full interview video!

Find out more about Malaysia’s National Kindness Week campaign at

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Microhousing: Big City, Small house

Would you live in a microhouse? Kuala Lumpur sure hopes so! Here is a peek at what microliving could look like.

GE14 – The people speak

In a country where 88% of Malaysians aged 25-34 go online every day, it’s no surprise the political battle for supremacy happened on social media. Here’s how social media made Malaysian political history.

Let’s [not] talk about sex

In a shelter home for young girls in similar predicaments, Mariam*, 17, struggles with the stigma of being a young mother. We look at how an underaged girl such as her ended up with such a responsibility as well as the consequences that came along with it.

serawan orang asli Asian media Awards Indigenous documentary rights human sungai kejar royal belum state park

The curse of Serawan

The R.AGE team went deep into the Malaysian jungle to investigate the alarmingly high number of reported child deaths from what locals call “serawan”.

The Elephant in our room

The orang asli in the Royal Belum State Park are constantly fending off elephants that have been translocated into their backyards.


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#StandTogether is an annual nationwide bullying prevention campaign and was created in an effort to stop physical and psychological violence from spreading in our schools.
Watch our documentary, track our school visits and watch our educational videos.

Pedophiles, Paedophiles, Sex, Abuse, Phone, WeChat, Predators, Rape

predator in my phone


PREDATOR IN MY PHONE documents the undercover operations our journalists performed to find out more about sex predators who prey on underage girls– and to help the police nail them.

Children of Chow Kit


CHOW KIT: An iconic sub-district in the heart of Kuala Lumpur rich in diversity, history, and charm. Today, it is a drastic change from its yesteryears, but how does it still impact the lives of those – specifically at-risk children and teens – who live on these very streets? Find out.

the last survivors


The Japanese occupation seems unreal to most Malaysians but for the survivors who lived through it, these are experiences they cannot forget. These are their stories.


In-depth analysis on a current issue, packed into a brief explainer format. Out every Monday

The Migrant Worker “Problem”

Migrant workers come to our country to steal our jobs and ruin our economy. Except that they don’t, and here’s why.

Government Debt

If you have ever wondered about how government debts work, especially in the wake of our Malaysia’s current debt issues, watch this.


The government’s announcement that maternity leave will now be 90 days was celebrated but is it really benefitting woman or causing more harm than good?


Social media is not only a place to share and like content or take fun quizzes. It is the global data market’s paradise.


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