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We’re a bunch of young journalists in Malaysia producing in-depth stories and videos on stuff YOU need to know about.

No click bait, rehashed, copy-and-paste stories here. We believe good journalism shouldn’t be just about what’s trending, or what gets us more video views.

To us, good journalism is about telling stories that matter, that make a difference, that hold people accountable, that give a voice to those who don’t have one. And that can mean anything from urban poverty in Malaysia, to disaster education in Japan.

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The Big Guys

Ian Yee

Editor and Executive Producer

Don’t be fooled by his smile – Ian is the most ruthless copy editor in the building. But he has also won three Asian Digital Media awards, two World Young Reader Prizes and an Asian Media Award, so we live with him.

Elroi Yee

Senior producer

The genius with a camera. He won an Asian Media Award (for The Curse Of Serawan) and two Star Year-End Editorial Awards within his first six months at R.AGE. He doesn’t talk much.

Chen Yih Wen


We call her The Terminator, cos of her penchant for shades and her ice-cool demeanor. She’s also a talented documentary filmmaker and BMW Shorties winner. Don’t mess.

The Team

Lim May Lee

Journalist / Editorial Lead

A writer with R.AGE since 2014, May Lee is best known for crashing our website with her investigation into Malaysia’s sugar daddy culture. She’s kinda our go-to person for these scandalous stories…

Samantha Chow

Journalist / Editorial Lead / Team Leader

The office genius. Like, seriously, she’s Mensa-certified and all – even though it doesn’t always show. Her superpowered brain helps coordinate all our print stories on top of her duties as a multimedia journalist.

Claire Anthony

Journalist / Team leader

Claire loves tea. A LOT. Might have something to do with the fact that she’s British. Anyway, she’s the leader of Team A, one of the two teams we have here at R.AGE.

Shanjeev Reddy

Journalist / Videographer

As the drummer for Kyoto Protocol, Shan is an actual rockstar. But as part of the team that worked on The Curse Of Serawan, he’s well on his way to becoming a rockstar of the journalism scene.

Hafriz Iqbal

Journalist / Videographer

He shoots, he edits, he takes great photos and he designs posters; but he supports Liverpool in a Manchester United-dominated office. We’re not sure how long we can work with him.

Julien Chen

Journalist / Former intern

The whizz-kid teenage intern who we liked so much we asked him to stay. He’ll be leaving us to finish his studies in Aug 2017, after which he’ll probably become a hot-shot film director and completely forget about us.

Hansel Khoo

Journalist / Video Editor

He’s the butt of many Zoolander jokes, but he takes it all in his stride. Before R.AGE, he was a video editor in a post-production house. Needless to say, the #JournalistLife suits him much better.

Clarissa Say

Journalist / Video Editor

A product of our long-running BRATs young journalist programme. She first joined us as a precocious and often annoying intern. We only took her back on as a full-timer cos she’s that good a writer.

Natasha Venner-Pack

Journalist / Digital Lead

A former colleague once said anyone who has a hyphen in their name has to be posh. He was right. In any case, Tash’s work on The Last Survivors is changing the way Malaysians see our WWII history.

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