What is student trafficking?
“Student trafficking” is a term coined by R.AGE after we realised there’s an entire network dedicated to exploiting students by signing them up with bogus colleges overseas.

These students are recruited through lies, charged exorbitant fees and extorted for more money along the way, before realising their “colleges” don’t even provide a proper education. These victims often end up in situations identical to victims of human trafficking.

Why is this campaign targeting agents?
We realised that we need to stop the problem right at the source. Almost all the victims we spoke to were deceived and exploited by recruitment agents in their homeland.

After consulting with several reputable universities on their best practices, we figured that the best thing would be to call for colleges and universities to regulate these agents.

Why do Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play an important role?
Simply put, if HEIs start blacklisting unscrupulous agents, those agents would have a much harder time trafficking students into the country.

A reputable institution will take any steps necessary to implement anti-trafficking procedures within their recruitment system to ensure their students are not deceived or exploited in any way.

What can trafficked victims do?
Victims are encouraged to make a police report and provide evidence of exploitation (text messages, emails, letters). Once authorities have determined that it is a trafficking crime, they will issue a Protection Order and take you to a shelter as investigations are conducted.

To make a report, go to your nearest police station or fill up our reporting form here. You’ll also be connected to relevant NGOs who can guide you through this process.

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