What’s going on?

By SHARMILA NAIR Another week and a new batch of celebrity news from around the world. Celebrities really know how to stay in the limelight, don’t they?     Motherly advice The last person the world expects to give Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton advice is Snooki … yes, that infamous tiny creature with […]

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Writers' Block: Teen troubles

By CHUA WEI LIM Creative Writing Taylor’s University College I AM not against parents telling their teenage kids to change their ways when it is necessary, but I feel that it’s something that’s been done too often and at times without any valid reasons. Sometimes, teenagers don’t need to be told what to do, but […]

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Friendship dilemma

I AM a 17-year-old girl and my close friends are S and P. We have been together since Form One. However, S and P have known each other since primary school. S is friendly, cheerful and an extrovert. P is very “princess-y”, stubborn and sensitive. No one is brave enough to tell P her mistakes. […]

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Fixing things

B AND I had been friends since we were 15. I had just moved from another school and she was one of the first friends I made in my new school. At the time she was a bit of a tomboy, so most guys didn’t really like to hang out with her. However, the two […]

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I will miss him

I AM currently working as a temporary teacher in my former alma mater after finishing Form Six. I was assigned to teach in the lower forms, and I got the chance to get close to J, who is in Form One this year. We have actually known each other for a few years, but we […]

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Suffocating parents

While most parents are eager to let their grown up children live independently, mine are an exception. My parents are overprotective of me. I can’t stay overnight at my friend’s house or hang out with them frequently. I am not even able to join my friends for morning jogs. My parents say the restrictions are […]

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