Diving into trouble

By IAN YEE As a Manchester United fan, I would love to see Ashley Young get dropped from the Devils’ starting line-up. The way he went to the ground for that penalty in last weekend’s game against Aston Villa was an absolute disgrace. He might think it was just an exaggerated tumble from a […]

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What happened to the Villans?

Under Martin O’Neill, I always saw Aston Villa as one of the good guys. They were really good for the Premier League, one of the very few clubs that weren’t just challenging the Big Four (as it were back then), but doing so by playing attacking football, and without spending ridiculous fortunes. Three consecutive sixth-place […]

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Expensive Englishmen

IT’S one of those things you hear so often that you just sort of accept it as truth – in this day and age, English football players cost more. That, my friends, is how ghost stories, mysterious UFO sightings, Bigfoot and the perception of Taylor Swift as a singer came about. As illogical and ridiculously […]

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