VIDEO: The process of baking with a wood fired oven

James Lim shows the BRATs from #TeamMayLee what a typical day is like in the world of traditional baking.

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VIDEO: The past and present of Restoran Hua Mui

BRATs from #TeamVivienne discover how was Restoran Hua Mui like 46 years ago and some of its interesting features.

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Video: Felix Tee, the man behind Casabrina resort

BRATs from #TeamKenneth get up close and personal with Felix Tee

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Video: Jumbos of National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC)

Meals, daily routines and an amazing personality!

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Video: Youthful Elephants at National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC)

#TeamKenneth talks to the people at the National Elephant Conservation Centre (NECC) in Kuala Gandah.

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Video: The Casabrina Family

#TeamMaylee learns the roles of the workers at luxury resort, Casabrina

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Video: Casabrina, an eco-friendly resort

#TeamIan quizzes Felix Tee with some interesting questions!

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Video: Not quite irrelephant

#TeamIan takes on Kuala Gandah Elephant Santuary

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VIDEO: BRATs Connect with Ti-Ratana

Here’s a video of the BRATs giving back at Ti-Ratana

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VIDEO: The buskers of Langkawi

BRATs get personal with the buskers of Langkawi to find out more about the busking scene there.

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