Lure of the city

We’ve been waiting for it since the end of our last workshop in 2011, and it finally came – BRATs Kuala Selangor 2012, the first BRATs workshop of the year! And Kuala Selangor can only mean one thing – Fireflies. And seafood. And monkeys. And forests. Wait, there was some awesome history too… All we […]

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Soap opera

IN the rustic-looking soap shop called Sweet Summer Cottage on Jonker Street in Malacca, one can discover a fascinating range of handmade soaps, all created by a woman with a passion for making beautifully-scented soaps. The owner is Koh Hui Fang, 55, who opened the shop in August last year. Although the business is doing […]

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Sweet success

AMID the hustle and bustle of Malacca’s famous Jonker Street, tantalising smells are coming from the Mei Zhong Yuen Confectionery where fresh batches of mooncakes and other pastries are being made. It is yet another regular day for the owner, Low Kim Piow, 44, who has been manning the shop since inheriting the business from […]

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Deathly Games

A WHILE back, I was challenged by the R.AGE team to do something adventurous, something that would get me out of my heels, tight clothing and essentially, cause me a lot of pain and discomfort in the process.

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