Teachers vs. students

By VIVIENNE WONG and CLARISSA SAY BULLYING happens. We all know that. We’ve got the statistics, the anecdotal evidence and the news reports to back it up. The problem we’re seeing now, however, is that bullying is happening between students and teachers as well. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a case […]

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Virtual safety

By INSYIRAH AMI and KYLE CHOONG Did you know 13% of students are currently being bullied online? That was one of the points highlighted during the National ICT Security Debate finals, with the motion “Internet is the main contributing factor of social problems among youth today”. The debate was organised in conjunction with the […]

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Bullies at work

By KEVIN TAN IF you think bullying is something that only happens when you’re in school, you’re deluded. From verbally abusive bosses to sexually inappropriate colleagues, bullying is something that we could have to face up to throughout our working lives. While workplace bullying might be a grey area at times (is it bullying […]

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The mind bully

BY FOO JEAN-NI IN most bullying cases, the focus is (rightly) on the victims and how they feel. But what about the bullies? What could possibly drive someone, very often just a regular teenager, to resort to such ugly behaviour? Ashley (not her real name) had her first taste of being a bully after […]

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T-ara trouble

By NATASHA IMAN THE much-anticipated return of girl group T-ara later this month has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding group member Hwayoung.Ahead of the group’s July concerts in Tokyo, Japan, it was announced that Hwayoung would not be able to fully participate in the shows due to a leg injury sustained while shooting […]

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Stop the bullying

By KEVIN TAN AUSTRALIAN motivational speaker and self-help author Andrew Matthews took a different approach when he released his latest book, Stop the Bullying – a collection of true stories of bullying victims. Most of his previous books were on the topic of happiness, which is what Matthews’ is best known for. The idea […]

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