Life in a frame

By JASON LIOH MY trusty five-year-old Canon EOS 40D died on me two months ago. After much consideration (read: budget constrain), I finally got a Canon EOS 6D to replace my work horse. The camera is equipped with a 20.2 megapixel full frame (35.8*23.9mm) CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5+ image processor, ISO range of 100 […]

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Phone photos

By JASON LIOH I HAVE a confession here; I used to sneer at those who use their mobile phones as their primary cameras. Regardless of all the unique selling points advertised by phone manufacturers, I believed it was still a camera that produced sub-par quality images. The low megapixel count, a smaller-than-your-pinky-fingernail sensor size, […]

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Just shoot it

By JASON LIOH The introduction of digital cameras more than a decade ago has revolutionised the way we take photographs. Cost of photography is significantly reduced as users are no longer required to buy rolls after rolls of films and developing them at a photo shop. Instant preview, intelligent guide mode and other built-in camera […]

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Social pictures

A FEW weeks ago, when I first discovered the wonders of the new iPhone App, I almost caved in and bought the iPhone 4.

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