Settling it, LEGO-style

LEGO ( is certainly enjoying a renaissance, with more and more collectors and fans taking to their fancy new product lines. And it does look like more exciting times to come, indeed!   Want to find out what happens when LEGO meets everyone’s favorite thinking-man’s strategy boardgame, Settlers of Catan? Popular tech website,, wrote […]

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Exciting year ahead

By CHEE YIH YANG THIS year looks set to be another exciting time with so much lined up across all fronts. From major sporting events (I’m looking forward to the UEFA Euro 2012 football spectacle more than anything else) to the usual plethora of new things to buy, I’m awfully pumped to go through […]

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Settlers of Catan qualifiers this weekend

It’s not very often that you get to enjoy designer boardgames in a competitive manner, so you’ll be stoked to know that this weekend gives you that unique opportunity.   Settlers of Catan is the designer boardgame in question, and Bangsar is where the action’s at. Boardgames Depot will be holding qualifier matches for the […]

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Boardgames that your family & friends will dig

Today I’ll give a little intro on what the world’s most popular specialist boardgames are. These games are popularly referred to as “German-style boardgames” or “Eurogames.”

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