VIDEO: Xavier Junior on cheer training during Ramadan

Most of the cheerleaders in Xavier Junior are Muslims, so training for CHEER 2015 this year was extra challenging with Ramadan just two months before cheer season.

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VIDEO: Cheerleading changing lives of Team Ignite

The cheerleaders of Team Ignite were the misfits of their school, but their very dedicated teacher has used cheerleading to turn their lives around.

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VIDEO: Thunderstruck, new kids on the block

It’s never easy forming a new cheerleading team, but the girls from Team Thunderstruck have bravely gone ahead with it — even after a few injuries.

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Catholic High School

VIDEO: Calyx Co-Ed on cheerleader stereotypes

The captain of Calyx Co-Ed, from SMK Katholik, says people don’t recognise the extreme athleticism you need to be a cheerleader.

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VIDEO: Anchorz dreaming of CHEER glory

Arifah Hani has dreamed of being a cheerleader since she attended CHEER 2008. Now, she’s living her dream as part of the Anchorz.

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VIDEO: Starlites out to silence critics

The Starlites were formed to replace Shirtliff, the school’s five-time CHEER winning team that was disbanded a few years ago.

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VIDEO: Vibrant raising their own funds for CHEER

They’ve been selling T-shirts, badges and food to help fund the team, and their captain moonlights as a gymnastic coach.

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VIDEO: Rayvens, Malaysia’s top junior cheerleading team

Even though there is added pressure to be defending champions, it only drives the cheerleaders of Rayvens to work harder every year. Here is their video !

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VIDEO: Xtreme cheerleaders won’t let injuries stop ’em

Team Xtreme isn’t about to let injuries stop them from crushing the competition! Here’s their team video and what their coach has to say.

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VIDEO: Mickeymitez, former Co-Ed Division champions

A missed stunt cost Mickeymitez the title last year at CHEER 2014. They’ve been working hard to set things right ever since. Here’s their team video!

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