Frank-ly speaking

ON THE pitch, Frank Lampard looks like he’s one of the most intense footballers in the English Premier League.

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Watch out, Chelsea

All the talk was about John Terry scoring away from home last week against Burnley, but little did we know, he was scoring away at Wayne Bridge’s home all this while…

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EPL round-up (Dec #3)

More ups and downs in the Premier League as NONE of the Big Four got maximum points out of their two matches in the last week. This is gonna be one helluva season…

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EPL round-up (Dec #2)

My predictions about Chelsea come to pass, Liverpool slip further away from fourth spot, and Man Utd win convincingly. What a weekend.

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EPL round-up

Even with 25 goals in 10 matches, which included the shocking 0-0 stalemate in the EPL’s version of El Classico (the mouth-watering Blackburn vs. Stoke City mega-match), it was one of the more routine weekends we’ve had this Premier League season.

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This week’s EPL predictions

Liverpool have failed to qualify for the Champions League knockout stages, and that was the first of my predictions last weekend! I think I’m getting better at this whole football pundit thingy =P

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