Just FYI …

By SHARMILA NAIR Our lives would be pretty boring without some celebrity news, yes? Well, thank goodness that these celebrities live to be in the news and are always doing something that gets tongues wagging everywhere.   What did he say? Justin Bieber got a lot of flak from Tweeples after the singer tweeted […]

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In the spotlight

    By SHARMILA NAIR   CELEBRITIES really know how to keep busy and stay in the limelight. This week is no different.   Out of control Justin Bieber is acting out, or so say the people around him. There have been several rumours that the big wigs at Bieber’s record label, Def Jam […]

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What’s up celebs?

By SHARMILA NAIR WE love our celeb news because, hey, if we can’t join them, the least we can do is read about them, right? As usual, some of our favourite celebrities made headlines, and no … they’re are not all for the right reasons. Cheesy couple Everyone listen up. Taylor Swift and her […]

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More celeb news

By SHARMILA NAIR ONCE again, celebrities were up to what they do best – making headlines. Here are some of the things that they made news for this past week. It’s official… Well, kinda Okay, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, at least as friends, and they have no qualms in sharing photos […]

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Attention seekers

THE 2012 US presidential election wasn’t the only thing that made headlines this week. Celebrities were also up to their old tricks and gave everyone lots to talk about. For the win Twitterverse went a little crazy after Barack Obama was re-elected as the US President and celebrities joined in the celebration, tweeting their support […]

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