Tricks of the trade

By JAYDEE LOK AS the EDM (electronic dance music) scene in Malaysia grows, so too, do the BATE boys. Yeoh Wai Hong and Ethan Curzon, both 24, have spent the last three years building a name for themselves domestically and internationally. The DJ duo has gone from fanboy club-goers to residents at KL clubs […]

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A hip revelation

The second edition of the Youth Revelation Freestyle Festival 2013 started with a bang with the festival’s highly anticipated competitions – BMX RAMPage and Skate It Up. Both competitions were held at Maju Junction Mall in Kuala Lumpur and saw 92 eager participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, England and France. Malaysian X-Games athlete […]

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Turn it up

By KEVIN TAN If there is one rule for music, it’s that it always evolves and the latest music trend to hit the dance floors in Malaysia – and around the world – is Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Even though this genre has been around since the 70s disco era and even survived the […]

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