Last week’s tag: #Manglish

LAST week’s #RAGEchat added a totally new perspective to our cover story about #Manglish. Our story was mainly about how important English is, something we did in conjunction with the launch of Oh My English!, an edu-tainment TV comedy series by Astro to encourage Malaysians to speak proper English – an effort supported by The […]

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More than words

  by SHARMILA NAIR SZETO YAN Weng is a stickler for proper English. It is highly advisable that one does not butcher the language by incorporating Manglish (Malaysian English) or, worse, making grammatical errors when speaking to him. It is not because Szeto would get angry and hit you over the head with a […]

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Expensive Englishmen

IT’S one of those things you hear so often that you just sort of accept it as truth – in this day and age, English football players cost more. That, my friends, is how ghost stories, mysterious UFO sightings, Bigfoot and the perception of Taylor Swift as a singer came about. As illogical and ridiculously […]

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