Natural remedy

If you’re asking why should you go into a jungle for hiking when you can go to a gym in a shopping mall, then you haven’t the slightest idea what nature brings. Consultant physician and geriatrician Rajbans Singh says outdoor activities are actually one of the best forms of exercise for young people. And since […]

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Run, people, run!

By KEVIN TAN I’m going to start running, and I’m going to do it today. Right now.” You’ve probably heard people say that like a million times, especially over the last couple of years. Suddenly they’re like “YOLO”, and they just hit the ground running. These days, you have running events happening almost every […]

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Doing it yourself

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN SIVARAJAN Gunarajan used to be obese. When he was 19, he weighed 101kg, ate whatever he wanted and never exercised. Over the past three years, however, he shed all his excess weight, won the title of Mr Malaysia Top Model 2010 and adopted healthy eating habits. Here’s the clincher: Siva, […]

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