Stop bullying!

Three weeks ago, 14-year-old student K. Saravanan was beaten to death at a bus stop by a group of Form Two students, simply because he walked funny. In August, Mohd Ridwan Radin, 14, had to have his spleen removed after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by bullies. And last May, a disturbing YouTube video […]

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Back from the dead

It is hard to imagine that after all these years, the debate on which social network is king is still going on. Of course, until earlier this year when they released their IPO, Facebook was the de facto social media du jour. Twitter was a close second naturally but the truth is that it doesn’t […]

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  By KEVIN TAN and PHYLLIS HO ONE fine day, Chee Yun Sam, a 22-year-old model, started getting a barrage of angry tweets and messages from his friends. Apparently, Chee had posted something rather racist on his Twitter account, and a lot of people weren’t taking too kindly to it. Only problem was – […]

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R.AGE Online!

Subscribe! On our YouTube channel this week, we have Malaysian drummer Arthur Kam, our Get Personal young personality of the week, performing one of his redonkulous solos exclusively for our cameras. The former child prodigy has performed with the likes of Jackie Cheung, Sadao Watanabe and Keiko Lee, not to mention pretty much everyone […]

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Social phone-omenon

Cell-ing out By KEVIN TAN WHENEVER Lim Wei Ze, 18, and his friends from secondary school hang out, they have a simple rule – Disconnect to connect. Tired of their friends constantly tapping away on their smartphones instead of having actual conversations, they instituted the rule a few months ago so that they all […]

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Share, be drawn (hopefully), and win!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome 2012 so far!   How about a lucky draw to start the year off? The prize at hand is worth RM300 – it’s a neat surprise though, on what it really is though!   Subang Jaya-based Meeples Café is helping us get over the post-holiday blues by having a special […]

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Status Update

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN Over the past few years, social networking has become a huge part of just about everyone’s lives. You can put your whole life on Facebook – from your daily activities to your work, and even what, or who, you love. It was this element of social media that 31-year-old filmmaker […]

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To predict or not

IN the past few years, social media “predictions” have been a popular subject to approach, especially towards the end of the year. With social media being such a “new” phenomenon, it was easy getting caught up in it. Will next year see Twitter trump Facebook, or will Google come up with something to kill off […]

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Too young to Facebook?

In your honest and totally unbiased opinion, what is the right age for someone to be allowed to sign up for a Facebook account? Currently, in keeping with the United State’s 1998 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Facebook only allows people aged 13 and above to sign up for its service. Yet, a study […]

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The next step

WHEN Sohaib Athar (@Really Virtual) sent tweets out about the “rare event” – a helicopter hovering above Abbottabad, a city in Pakistan – a few nights ago, he didn’t imagine that he would be credited with “breaking” such an important piece of news. In fact, it was such an insignificant moment, that the second tweet […]

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