Indie food contest

Hi all! The good folks at our favourite independent food outlets are being generous and giving out free stuff today! All you have to do is be among the first 30 to bring a copy of today’s R.AGE (StarTwo) between to 7-8pm to the outlets below and you can win the following: – Whisk – […]

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Expansion? Or selling out?

Just as it is with indie bands, there comes a point when independent food businesses have to decide if they want to “sell out” and go “mainstream”, especially if they are good at what they do. It’s quite the conundrum. The independent food movement’s focus is on shunning mass production to create high quality food […]

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About the community

 Even between independent cafes, there is nothing but healthy competition. Zekry Mohd Nor, 30, one of the founders of independent coffee shop Mollydookers in KL, says they even share baristas with some cafes. “The community is still new, so we tend to talk to each other and share tips,” said Zekry. “We talk a lot […]

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Big in value

When Lee Ee Vee and Tee May Yee started their home ice-cream business, it was just the two of them, a small ice-cream machine and a whole lot of manual labour. Now, three years later and with their brand The Last Polka a favourite in the independent food business community, things are still very much […]

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