Coming to Malaysia

By KYLE CHOONG and AILYN LOW Many of us dream about going to other countries and living a different life – but how many of us actually do it? Nine lucky students from around the world were able to turn those dreams into reality by doing a student exchange programme right here in Kedah, […]

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Winter wonderland

By ROXANNE LOW SINCE I arrived in Germany earlier this year for my exchange programme, I have had the chance to experience the four seasons: the colourful spring, sunny summer, wet and gloomy autumn and now finally the cold winter. Although I have experienced the winter weather during family vacations before, this however is […]

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Life of an exchange student

By ROXANNE LOW PAU-LING   EXCHANGE student programmes have become quite popular for young Malaysians looking for life challenges and inter-cultural experiences. This year, American Field Service Malaysia (AFS MAS) sent 34 students (including me) on such exchange programmes in various countries. In the last five months I’ve been on this programme in Germany, […]

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Schlager forever

One of the BRATs writes about her experience at Hamburg’s famous Schlagermove parade. By ROXANNE LOW PAU-LING EVERY July, people from all over the world look forward to the famous Schlagermove parade in Hamburg, Germany. The celebration started with 50,000 visitors during its first year in 1997, but that number is dwarfed by the […]

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Settling in nicely

By ROXANNE LOW PAU-LING Greetings from Deutschland (that’s Germany)! It has been about a month since I first arrived at the small town of Itzehoe in Germany and I have settled in quite well with my host family – the Baasch – although I do miss home. When I got to the Baasch’s home, […]

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Doing things differently

By ROXANNE LOW PAU-LING It is quite common for Malaysian students to continue into their tertiary education after the SPM examination, which basically marks the end of their secondary school life. Some might still be undecided as to what career path they want to pursue, so they either enroll into Form Six, take up A-Levels […]

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England conundrum

A lot of people were saying that on paper, England should have beaten Germany in last weekend’s World Cup match. The problem for England was that the players themselves seemed to believe it.

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