There and square

By JAYDEE LOK WHILE most of Instagram’s 150 million active users currently use the photo sharing application to flaunt their faces, their #ootd (that’s “outfit of the day”), lunch plans, pets and everything else for the sake of documenting their daily lives, others have found a way to use their photography skills for a […]

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Take a byte!

By KEVIN TAN and CHRISTINE CHEAH You tweet, you eat – that was the basic concept behind last week’s Nuffnang FoodFest. Instead of paying for your food from one of the many vendors at the event, all you have to do is tweet about the vendor through a special mobile app (which you can […]

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Toying around

Story and photos by JASON LIOH IT’S not just the Singaporeans who are going crazy over collectible toys. Some Malaysians have been pretty gung-ho over the Despicable Me “minions” you get with your Happy Meal. But instead of just buying it, playing with it and then dumping it once the craze is over, why […]

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Annoying the Internet

By MELLY LING JUST over a month ago, world-famous American YouTuber Ryan Higa, better known as Niga Higa, posted a video titled “Most Annoying People On The Internet”, now better known simply as “MAPOTI”. The video, with close to six million hits now, talks about people like ninja boasters, over-zealous hashtaggers, trolls and many […]

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   By KEVIN TAN IF you see a square-ish photograph on your Facebook or Twitter timeline, taken recently but with some old school vibe on it, you’re most likely looking at an Instagram picture. Instagram is a photo-sharing application and a social networking site that now has more than 100,000 million registered users from […]

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