Annoying the Internet

By MELLY LING JUST over a month ago, world-famous American YouTuber Ryan Higa, better known as Niga Higa, posted a video titled “Most Annoying People On The Internet”, now better known simply as “MAPOTI”. The video, with close to six million hits now, talks about people like ninja boasters, over-zealous hashtaggers, trolls and many […]

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Grabbing hold of #Merdeka

By DAVID LIAN   When I was about nine, a trip to the “Pusat Sumber” (resource centre) in school was a real treat not to be missed. So whenever the teacher asked us to “go outside and line up”, we would hurriedly do so, eagerly awaiting whatever video was about to be shown to […]

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Ramadan Resolutions

Fasting the extra mile By KEVIN TAN and ANGELIN YEOH THE holy month of Ramadan is a time when Muslims the world over not only abstain from food and water from dawn till sunset, but also devote themselves to spiritual reflection, the cultivation of empathy for the less fortunate, and the practice of self-discipline. […]

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What is right

JUST last week, Vinton Cerf got the interwebs abuzz with his article in the New York Times titled “The Internet is not a human right”. Besides the sensational headline, the article was also fascinating because Cerf is one of the original architects of the Internet, back when it was used by only the military. I’m […]

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Choose your words wisely

IF YOU have ever gotten any advice about using the Internet and social media, chances are you’ve heard this line:

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Mind your web-manner

HUMAN relations complicate things, doesn’t it? I mean, the Internet was fine and dandy when it was a top-secret destination only a few people knew about, or had access to.

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Changing: How we find stuff on the Internet

Let’s take a pop-quiz to break up this boring Wednesday you’re having. Do you remember AltaVista?

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What the Internet knows about you

Have you checked-in on Foursquare yet? Or updated your status on Facebook today? Sent a tweet?

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