Inspiration in fashion

By KEVIN TAN and CHRISTINE CHEAH Empty spaces. Chairs. Daisies. Those were some of the things Kiwi Phoebe Ratcliff Reid saw at the memorial site of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. Just from these three concepts, Malaysian Kathryn Lagrosa Rao and Reid, both 21, designed four elegant and fabulous outfits to win […]

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Dressing up for fun

By DANIEL SUBRAMANIAM and JOANNE CHUA JAPANESE costume player (cosplayer) Kaname never reveals his real name in interviews. Widely recognised by cosplay fans for his accurate and realistic portrayals of characters such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Kaname will be gracing the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Malaysia on June 9 […]

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