Politics in K-pop

By NATASHA IMAN WHEN you think of ushering in the new year in Tokyo, you would automatically think: parties, fireworks and endless crowds of people, right? This music addict? I ended up in front of my television screen at home watching Kohaku Uta Gassen, which can roughly be translated as “Red vs White Singing […]

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Hallyu Wave hits Malaysia

BY FOO JEAN-NI DESPITE being one of the biggest K-pop groups to debut this year, the boys from BtoB were still nervous about going on stage for the first time in Malaysia. During an interview ahead of their 2012 Asia Super Showcase performance in Kuala Lumpur three days ago, the boys – dressed in […]

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Korean invasion

By NATASHA IMAN AS a die-hard Hallyu wave fan (loving anything and everything Korean), I had spent many nights pondering about how I would be able to “manage” myself once I move to Tokyo, Japan to further my studies. I was worried about many things – my fluency (or lack thereof) in Japanese; living […]

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Going places

By TRECIA TAN IN 2009, South Korean girl group Kara inadvertently created a huge craze over what came to be known as the “butt dance”, an over-the-top dance move choreographed for their most popular single to date, Mister. For many K-pop fans, it was the dance move that made the song a hit, as […]

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The great comeback

By NATASHA IMAN In the middle of an increasingly young idol-centric industry comes one of the most anticipated comebacks of a first-generation Korean pop idol group. Shinhwa, consisting of members Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Junjin and Andy, recently made their comeback on the music programme M!Countdown after a four-year hiatus. This […]

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What price, fame?

There are a few things that truly bring the year to a spectacular close on the K-pop scene. Apart from anticipating the arrival of more rookie groups and album releases, the year-end brings with it special music programmes such as the KBS and SBS Gayo Daejeon shows. These programmes often feature a string of performances […]

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Love and life

By NATASHA IMAN WHEN it comes to relationships, the K-pop scene paints a different picture from that in the Western world. In a world where K-pop idols secretly walk hand-in-hand in the wee hours of the morning just to avoid the paparazzi, it is no wonder that openly revealing one’s relationship is a bad […]

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