Training with the best

By IAN YEE AS an aspiring footballer growing up in the village of Semban in Sarawak, Gabrieal Katz Anak Mering, 17, had never heard of the Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) football club. And why should he? Where he comes from, the English game is a distant dream. They hardly get to watch it on […]

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Spellbinding Selena

By IAN YEE When this writer was asked at the immigration counter at London Heathrow airport what he was doing in Britain, he boldly said: “I’m here for the Selena Gomez concert” – and the lady behind the counter actually laughed. Clearly being neither a bopping teenager nor an obligated parent, I wasn’t expected […]

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Bhangra boys

By PHYLLIS HO IF you are familiar with the bhangra music scene, then you would recognise Manjit Singh (M-Ji) and Sukhjit Singh (Surj) from Goldkartz. The brothers, age 27 and 23 respectively, have been producing urban bhangra tracks since 2008, with the release of their debut album Loaded. With almost 20, 000 “Likes” on […]

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Lady Gaga falls…hard.

Here’s photographic proof that even Lady Gaga sometimes cannot walk in those ridiculously engineered high-heels.

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Meeting the Prince

OH my God! Jake Gyllenhaal hugged me. Three times. Okay, technically it was a side hug … 

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