A hidden gem

Not many museums have a “welcoming party” that is as amusing as the one at the Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor. Here, cheeky monkeys entertain people as they hike up the hill leading to the main building of the museum. The museum lies on top of Bukit Malawati and is located within an ancient fort […]

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Monkey business

VISITORS to Bukit Melawati have the relics of the fort to admire. There are cannons still standing in their original location ready to attack ships in the sea, the lighthouse that is still functioning, a museum and even a poison well. But many are most fascinated with the antics of the monkeys that roam freely […]

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Park life

According to Maichal Isthyben, 27, park manager of the Kuala Selangor Nature Park (KSNP), there is a species of monkeys at the nature reserve called the crab-eating monkey. As Maichal pointed out to us when a group of these monkeys came by during our tour through the park’s secondary and mangrove forests, some of them […]

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