Vamping it up

By JAYDEE LOK TRYING to get James McVey to share the personal stories behind the songs he writes is like trying to get an infant to speak – nearly impossible and quite frankly, a waste of time. When talking to R.AGE on the phone last week, the 19-year-old lead guitarist and back-up vocalist of […]

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What’s up celebs?

By SHARMILA NAIR WE love our celeb news because, hey, if we can’t join them, the least we can do is read about them, right? As usual, some of our favourite celebrities made headlines, and no … they’re are not all for the right reasons. Cheesy couple Everyone listen up. Taylor Swift and her […]

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New boys in town

By TAM XUEH WEI “WE’re different,” said Adam Pitts, drummer of the London-based band Lawson during a recent telephone interview. And guess what? They sure aren’t your typical boy band. Initially called The Grove, after a shopping centre in Los Angeles, US the four-piece band now goes by the name of Lawson. It was […]

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