Policy matters

By CHRISTINE CHEAH Tan Hooi Choo has been schooling in Singapore since she was seven. Yet when asked “where is home to you?” she replied without hesitation: “Malaysia.” The 20-year-old Johorean is one of many Malaysian students abroad who hold their motherland close to heart and are concerned about the nation’s well-being. “I always […]

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Party Starters

By CHRISTINE CHEAH THEY say the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. For these five young politicians, it’s more like the day after tomorrow, because they’re all candidates in the 13th general election. R.AGE spoke to them to find out what’s life like as a young election candidate, and what their plans […]

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Political troopers

  By IAN YEE and CHRISTINA CHIN THERE are quite a few different terms for Internet bullies – cyberbullies, keyboard warriors, flamers, trolls, etc. Now, thanks to the upcoming general election, you can add “cybertroopers” to that list. Cybertroopers are basically election campaign volunteers. The only difference is they do their work online. Over […]

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Politics in K-pop

By NATASHA IMAN WHEN you think of ushering in the new year in Tokyo, you would automatically think: parties, fireworks and endless crowds of people, right? This music addict? I ended up in front of my television screen at home watching Kohaku Uta Gassen, which can roughly be translated as “Red vs White Singing […]

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