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THERE was a time when journalists were the gatekeepers of news. According to lecturer/social media advocate and former journalist Niki Cheong, everyone is their own gatekeeper now. “The way we receive news is based on an algorithm we create for ourselves,” he said. “We create and manipulate these algorithms by choosing who to follow on […]

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Social revolution

IF you’re a media or journalism professional interested in figuring out just how social media is changing the news media industry, then the Journalism For Gen Y panel discussion is what you’re looking for. Hosted by R.AGE, the discussion will be held this Friday as part of the Poskod Journalism Campus, an event at the […]

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Join the discussion

THERE’S no doubt the Internet and social media play crucial roles in shaping the journalism industry today. So, if you’re an aspiring journalist, the Journalism for Gen Y panel discussion is definitely an event you shouldn’t miss. The panel discussion, sponsored by R.AGE, will be held on June 20 from 2pm-3.30pm at Black Box, Publika […]

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Social generation

JOURNALISM and the younger generation make a potent combination in this day and age. Social media has single-handedly revolutionised the way news is created, read and shared; and driving this paradigm shift is Gen Y. “We have everything from breaking news on Twitter to websites like Buzzfeed that are actually hiring proper journalists now,” said […]

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