What do young Malaysians spend their money on?

Four gainfully self-employed individuals give us the breakdown of their monthly spending habits.

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Pay it forward

Freelancing and being self-employed comes with many benefits – retirement plans aren’t one of them.

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Are you prepared for retirement?

EPF Strategy Management Department senior manager Farizan Kamaluddin shares what you can do with your EPF contribution and how else you can prepare for retirement.

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Five tips on planning for your parents

OLD folks in general live longer these days thanks to medical advancements, so it’s important for young people to plan early for the long haul in terms of their parents’ retirement. Here are five things you should consider: 1. Start the conversation early Chances are, your parents won’t want to burden you with talk about […]

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Defining greatness

By IAN YEE YOU know there will always be some big-mouthed, know-it-all out there waiting to poop on a party; and last week, that man was former England international Chris Waddle. Even when Alex Ferguson retired, I had the feeling it was coming. Some genius pundit was going to nit-pick on his success and […]

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The end of Fergie time

By IAN YEE NOW that Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has finally retired, you really have to wonder how the chewing gum industry will fare without its biggest advocate. Hairdryer manufacturers, too, would probably be freaking out right about now. But such is the measure of the man that his departure has actually caused […]

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A true genius

Paul Scholes, in my opinion the most gifted footballer of the Premier League era, has retired.

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