Diving into trouble

By IAN YEE As a Manchester United fan, I would love to see Ashley Young get dropped from the Devils’ starting line-up. The way he went to the ground for that penalty in last weekend’s game against Aston Villa was an absolute disgrace. He might think it was just an exaggerated tumble from a […]

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Lucky Devils

We’ve seen it many times before: Alex Ferguson beaming from ear to ear while walking on to the football pitch after the final whistle of a momentous victory, applauding his players and giving them encouraging pats on the back. Yet, after one of the most unlikely victories he will achieve in his career, Ferguson seemed […]

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Credit where it’s due

Fabio Capello has been praised for giving youth a chance, while Roberto Mancini got a pat on the back for taking a gamble on a free agent. If I had not known any better, I would have thought that I had woken up to the footballing equivalent of 28 Days Later. Just imagine, a desolated […]

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Rooney’s celebration conundrum

If we ever needed any more proof that Wayne Rooney isn’t the smartest ogre in Manchester, then his maniacal goal celebration in the Champions League last week would finally put the issue to bed.

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Worlds apart

If Roberto Mancini thinks that one win against Fulham suddenly makes him the “best manager” for Manchester City, then Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle has got to be the best in the world.

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Dead man walking

It’s a real shame what those chumps at the top of Manchester City did to Mark Hughes. A real shame.

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