Cyber confessions

By DENIELLE LEONG, IAN YEE and KEVIN TAN THE 19-year-old founder and administrator of the unofficial Catholic High School (CHS) confession page on Facebook received a shocking “confession” a couple weeks back – a student said he had “contaminated” the school canteen’s chee cheong fun sauce. You don’t wanna know the details. As outlandish […]

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Small school, big history

JUST outside an oil palm plantation in the small town of Cheroh, Pahang, lies a small Tamil school, SJK (T) Ladang Cheroh. It has four small buildings in its compound, and just over 70 students. All in all, it’s a pretty plain sight that most people would probably miss when driving by this town. However, […]

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The mind bully

BY FOO JEAN-NI IN most bullying cases, the focus is (rightly) on the victims and how they feel. But what about the bullies? What could possibly drive someone, very often just a regular teenager, to resort to such ugly behaviour? Ashley (not her real name) had her first taste of being a bully after […]

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Stop bullying!

Three weeks ago, 14-year-old student K. Saravanan was beaten to death at a bus stop by a group of Form Two students, simply because he walked funny. In August, Mohd Ridwan Radin, 14, had to have his spleen removed after being repeatedly kicked in the stomach by bullies. And last May, a disturbing YouTube video […]

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