Poor judgment

By IAN YEE DURING my first few months as a journalist, I wrote probably the dumbest article of my life. Coming from me, I suppose that’s saying quite a lot about that piece. It was about the Here In My Home music video, which local singer-songwriter Pete Teo had put together with some well-known […]

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Careless tweeters

By IAN YEE EVERY Friday, I like to take a few hours to do what we here at R.AGE call #RAGEchat, where we basically ask our followers on Twitter what they think about our stories. After a long hard week of interviews, photoshoots, research, writing and getting screamed at for not submitting our pages […]

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The cheerleader myth

BWHEN I tell people that R.AGE organises a secondary school cheerleading competition every year, they usually give the same, highly-predictable response – “so are the cheerleaders all bimbos?” followed by a juvenile laugh. Yeah, look who’s talking. Never mind that Cheer has been around for 14 years, and that by now we even have a […]

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The #LookAtMe generation

By IAN YEE HERE at R.AGE, we’ve always loved featuring enterprising young people out there doing big things. As much as they make us feel miserable about our lowly, crappy existence as journalists, they do inspire us as well with their disgustingly perfect stories of how they stuck it to the man, followed […]

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The long and short of it

By IAN YEE MY former editor, who taught me pretty much everything I now know about journalism, used to tell me to only give a story what it’s worth – nothing more, nothing less. Forget the word count. Forget the page layout. If you really think your story’s worth 3,000 words (insanely long for […]

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The nearly men

By IAN YEE IN the space of a year, Borussia Dortmund have gone from German league and cup Double winners, to losing the UEFA Champions League final and three of their best players – all while failing to win a single trophy. It is the curse of the over-achieving club. After Dortmund’s incredible 5-2 […]

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Defining greatness

By IAN YEE YOU know there will always be some big-mouthed, know-it-all out there waiting to poop on a party; and last week, that man was former England international Chris Waddle. Even when Alex Ferguson retired, I had the feeling it was coming. Some genius pundit was going to nit-pick on his success and […]

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The end of Fergie time

By IAN YEE NOW that Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has finally retired, you really have to wonder how the chewing gum industry will fare without its biggest advocate. Hairdryer manufacturers, too, would probably be freaking out right about now. But such is the measure of the man that his departure has actually caused […]

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