Settling it, LEGO-style

LEGO ( is certainly enjoying a renaissance, with more and more collectors and fans taking to their fancy new product lines. And it does look like more exciting times to come, indeed!   Want to find out what happens when LEGO meets everyone’s favorite thinking-man’s strategy boardgame, Settlers of Catan? Popular tech website,, wrote […]

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Catan qualifiers are here again!

Settlers of Catan is an incredibly fun and popular boardgame. A pioneering Euro-boardgame (so-called, due to its origins from there) hit, the game is pretty much a staple in shops and boardgame cafes the world over, including Malaysia as well.   So, if you’ve played it, do you think you’ve got what it takes to […]

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Boardgames that your family & friends will dig

Today I’ll give a little intro on what the world’s most popular specialist boardgames are. These games are popularly referred to as “German-style boardgames” or “Eurogames.”

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