Looking for the write one

By JC LAM LAST week, our cover story featured Sheena Liam’s Asia’s Next Top Model win and how it provided her the opportunity of a lifetime to model in London. Well, for the young local playwriting community, that equivalent comes in the form of Islands and Cities: A Penang/Singapore Youth Playwriting Immersion Workshop. Before […]

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Model behaviour

Stories by JC LAM EVER since she was a five-year-old growing up in Kajang, Selangor, Sheena Liam’s mother had always believed she would someday be a model. And last Wednesday, Liam, 22, proved a mother’s always right by bagging the top prize in the season finale of reality modelling competition Asia’s Next Top Model […]

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Fierce competition

By JAYDEE LOK I guess I’m not crazy after all!” said Josephine Yee, 23. Coming from an Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) finalist and former pageant queen, you might say that’s a pretty bold claim – but Yee did get tested. Yee is one of two Malaysians, alongside freelance model Sheena Liam, 22, who […]

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