Coming to Malaysia

By KYLE CHOONG and AILYN LOW Many of us dream about going to other countries and living a different life – but how many of us actually do it? Nine lucky students from around the world were able to turn those dreams into reality by doing a student exchange programme right here in Kedah, […]

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Expensive Englishmen

IT’S one of those things you hear so often that you just sort of accept it as truth – in this day and age, English football players cost more. That, my friends, is how ghost stories, mysterious UFO sightings, Bigfoot and the perception of Taylor Swift as a singer came about. As illogical and ridiculously […]

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Spain’s golden age

I MET a Spanish couple while on holiday in Thailand a couple of weeks ago, and naturally, I had to ask how they felt about their country finally winning the World Cup.

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REAL football

Immediately after the full-time whistle was blown on the FIFA 2010 World Cup final, a friend of mine said: “Alright, now we can get back to real football.”

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