Where to find local streetwear brands…

Here are a few local streetwear brands you can check out: Showroom Showroom is a streetwear store that carries big brands such as Obey Giant, Stussy, Undefeated, Zoo York, and others. They also sell their own accessories and skateboarding equipment. Website: Facebook: Twitter/Instagram: @showroomskate The Swagger Salon The store that carries the bold […]

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Wear Malaysian

By KEVIN TAN A few years ago, graphic designer Koh Yung Shern, 25, got tired of looking around for hip-hop streetwear. Everything was either low in quality, or high in price. So what is a creative, enterprising young hip-hop fan to do in such a situation? Easy. You design (and wear) your own streetwear. […]

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The Right Direction

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN Photo by ONIN LORENTE AFTER 10 years in the fashion industry, fashion director and Hanger magazine editor Sueann Chong feels like she is right where she should be. For the past year, she has spent her days doing exactly what she loves – running Hanger, an unconventional bi-annual fashion magazine. […]

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