20 Questions with Timothy Tiah

Timothy Tiah, the co-founder of the world’s leading blog advertising community, Nuffnang, takes on the 20 Questions challenge.

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Dealing with hate

By KEVIN TAN JUST because he looked a little different from his classmates, Timothy Tiah, 29, co-founder of social advertising giant Nuffnang, was constantly teased back when he was in secondary school. Tiah was diagnosed with ptosis, a condition that causes a person’s eyelid to droop or fall completely, at an early age. As […]

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Young Guns

  By KEVIN TAN Ever thought about starting your own business? How about being the founder of your own corporation? Worried that if you took that leap of faith, you’ll crash and burn? Well R.AGE caught up with a few successful young people who tried doing just that, and guess what? They were all […]

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