Let’s get loud

By JAYDEE LOK What do you get when you get 10 bands to play in a packed venue? You get loud, of course. Converse Malaysia showed everyone how it was done at their Get Loud gig last Sunday at Laundry Bar in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor. The show, aimed at promoting local bands, wrapped up […]

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Thanks for the memories

KEVIN TAN There is always an anticipation when a band, after a long hiatus, re-groups and goes on tour. Would they still sound the same? Is their new music any good? Do the members still share the same chemistry as when they first started? For those who were asking similar questions when news broke […]

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Villas-Boas SO not like Mourinho

People in football are often very diplomatic in interviews. They’re very complimentary, very safe, and they try their best not to step on anybody’s toes with what they say. I spoke to Edwin van der Sar recently, and he wouldn’t even name the best player he’d ever played with to avoid offending the others! It […]

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The gloves come off

IF YOU want to know the size of the gloves that new Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has to fill, all you need to do is have his predecessor Edwin van der Sar give you a friendly pat on the back. I was lucky enough to sit down with the recently-retired United goalkeeper last […]

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If I were the manager…

I would sign Clint Dempsey in the summer. This is, of course, assuming I’m managing Manchester United. Why would I wanna manage anyone else?

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