Of spandex, tights and catsuits

By CHEE YIH YANG AS I grow older, the lure of trading card games (TCGs) and boardgames that clock longer than one hour (I’m talking “official” play times that game companies quote, so actual set up and gameplay is closer to two hours), has all but vanished. However, gone are the days when I […]

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Cheaper alternatives

THOSE of you familiar with trading card games (TCGs) will definitely love the fun and dynamic aspects of such games. The frequently refreshed pool of cards, in the form of new expansions, is the key unique selling proposition and main draw for fans and collectors alike. This does necessitate repeat purchasing, and is something of […]

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Exciting year ahead

By CHEE YIH YANG THIS year looks set to be another exciting time with so much lined up across all fronts. From major sporting events (I’m looking forward to the UEFA Euro 2012 football spectacle more than anything else) to the usual plethora of new things to buy, I’m awfully pumped to go through […]

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Flying casual

Find out the different ways one can enjoy Magic on the cheap, and you could be competitive too.

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