Michael Jackson

Dance with the cast of Thriller Live!

You wanna be startin’ something? Well here’s your chance! Win cash, tickets to Thriller Live in KL AND an exclusive workshop with musical stars from London’s West End.

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Is the new ‘Avengers’ movie taking itself too seriously?

Is is just me, or do the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailers just look waaaaaaay too dark and ominous?

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Sony to release ‘The Interview’ on Christmas. Obama approves.

Looks like Sony will release The Interview on Christmas after all, with U.S. president Barack Obama backing the move.

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U.S. says North Korea is behind Sony hack

It now looks like American officials believe North Korea is “centrally involved” in the recent Sony hacking and information leaks.

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The Sony hacking: What you need to know

Eight things you should know about the hacking that has rocked Hollywood.

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