UNBEATABLE: Rock climbing to new heights

Rock climbing allows Shawn Liam, 27, to fully realise the beauty of his country.

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UNBEATABLE: Trampolining is a real sport, and it is AWESOME.

Phil Dunphy was right – trampolining is the real deal. Trampoline park referee Marzuqi shows us some of his moves in the latest episode of UNBEATABLE.

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UNBEATABLE: Who said girls can’t powerlift?

Atthiah Abu Bakar is a powerlifter – one of the very few female powerlifters in Malaysia AND a schoolteacher. Watch her awesome story here!

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UNBEATABLE: Capoeira flying high in Malaysia

Capoeira instructor Cristiano Genuino Da Silva talks about the Brazilian martial art’s growth in Malaysia, and shows a few basic moves you can try out at home.

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UNBEATABLE: How pole dancing changed this girl’s life

Pole instructor Shernes Tan describes how the sport helped her overcome her shyness and low self-confidence.

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