Sweet Damage

By MELLY LING AS sweet as Valentine’s Day can be, it can also leave a pretty bitter taste in the mouth with all the jacked-up prices. Let’s take a look at how much some of the guys splurged on their sweethearts last week… Flowers: RM200 Dinner: RM250 Valentine’s gift: RM369 (pendant from Pandora) “She […]

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The end of courtship?

Stories by MELLY LING Remember the good old days of love letters and chasing butterflies in the park, when a guy would spend months courting the girl of his dreams before finally meeting her parents – only to ask their permission to take her out? Well, we sure hope you still can, because it […]

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Recycled ideas

WE know that it is important to do as much as we can to stay green, help conserve the environment and yada, yada, yada.

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Sing for love

Back when I was pretending I could teach music, my guy students/victims would always ask me to teach them love songs they could use to serenade girls.

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