Dresscode: Dress to impress

By VIVY YUSOF THEY put you through an emotional wringer, test your intellectual capacity to the limit, and make you reassess every single achievement in your life. Job interviews – who needs ‘em, right? Well unfortunately, most of us do. We all need to put food on the table (or designer bags in our […]

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Dress Code: matching couples

By VIVY YUSOF I AM with him. She is with me. Yes, yes. We get it, you’re a couple. The words on your t-shirts could not have been bigger, don’t you worry. We’ve all giggled at couples like these before; usually spotted at shopping malls, happily walking hand in hand with identical t-shirts. I […]

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How to wear stripes

By VIVY YUSOF Ok, so we don’t own boats or anything. But who says we can’t pretend to look like we do? The nautical stripes is one of those trends that will never go away. It’s become a favourite due to the classic nature of the pattern. Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Kim […]

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The whole package

By VIVY YUSOF EVERYTIME I go to Jakarta, Indonesia, for business, I always end up bringing way more things than I usually do. Suddenly things I never pack on trips like my curling tongs and fake eyelashes become essentials on my list; they are even more essential than my passport! You see, Indonesian ladies […]

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Birthday bash

By VIVY YUSOF Guests are happy mingling and the host is glowing radiantly. The models are walking flawless on the runway, with the music playing smoothly in the background. That’s what I always hope for when hosting a fashion show. Online shopping website (FV) turned one last month and as managing director, I […]

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