All wings report in

The first SWX (Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures) tournament took place recently in Boardgame Depot, Bangsar.   The chosen format was 60 points squads going head-to-head. Ten players showed up, as each player experienced 3 Swiss-style pairings. The winner will get the upcoming Millenium Falcon expansion blister that will be coming out around November/December 2012.   […]

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Late April round-up: X-Wings, angels & Ugg-wha?

Work’s picked up again for yours truly, which accounts for the silence on the blog for a good week plus.   The good thing is, there’s been a slew of updates gaming-wise, so let’s get right to the heart of things shall we?   Firstly, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) finally gave Star Wars gamers a […]

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