Laughter is the best medicine

YouTuber Anwar Hadi has some recommendations to help you laugh in a great 2017.

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Joseph Germani’s tricks for the tube

Joseph Germani’s tips for being a great YouTuber: 1. Do something you enjoy! Whatever genre or a topic you’re doing, if you enjoy it, it will reflect in your video – and that’s exactly what audiences want to see. 2. Be consistent in your output. This is definitely one of the biggest challenges of being […]

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Generasi YouTube

By IAN YEE and KEVIN TAN IF the term “YouTuber” is new to you, don’t worry – we hadn’t heard of it either, at least not until we spoke to Jin Lim, 27, the main man behind the My Generasi viral hit video. And no, it’s not a social network for potato lovers (geddit? […]

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