THE word “police” might bring to mind uniforms and police cars, but below that surface is an immense amount of coordination that ensures the unit’s efficiency and effectiveness. This is where Isaac Koh, 25, comes in.

He is the assistant security manager at the Resorts World Genting (RWG) auxiliary police’s emergency department.

Assistant security manager, Isaac Koh starts off his daily routine by doing manpower planning which includes assigning jobs to workers.

According to Koh, the section of this department oversees the K9 unit, hotel and other areas within the resort, and the elite SWAT team.

With so many units needing coordination, the most important thing for the department is to have a centralised command control centre, where information is received, and manpower or supplies deployed where needed.

Koh shared that manpower planning is the most important role among the responsibilities of the administrator.

By allocating the right people to the right security units, and dividing the workforce accordingly, the entire team can carry out their roles well, he said.

Without the administration unit, there would be no auxiliary police unit, as both balance each other out, he added.

This is especially important when a particular unit is lacking in manpower. Like what a Human Resources department does, Koh’s department ensures that there are always enough hands on the job to handle each and every situation.

It is clear that the security department plays an integral role in the RWG auxiliary police unit. Not only does the department coordinate manpower, it also supplies uniforms, walkie-talkies, cars and even batteries to team members – items without which they would not be able to carry out their respective duties.

“For example, when VIPs are in town, we need to make sure there are enough cars to escort them,” he said.

Having worked at the security department for two years, Koh has an important piece of advice for all young Malaysians: keep your head in the game and persevere at all times, even when you face a bump in the road.

“If someone else is able to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult, then you can, too, as long as you persist to the very end,” he said, with a smile.

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