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R.AGE follows some of Malaysia’s top young lion dance performers as they prepare for the busy Chinese New Year season – which could open the door to their dreams of competitive lion dancing.

Malaysia is home to some of the world’s best lion dance troupes, and during Chinese New Year, they perform their action-packed routines up to 16 times a day, risking injury with almost every show.

But for these young lions, lion dance is a matter of pride and passion, and they will give everything they’ve got to make sure that their troupes are the kings of lion dance.

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Young Lions

[UPDATE] Episode one of YOUNG LIONS is now available! Watch it at follows some of the country's best young lion dancers as they prepare for the busy Chinese New Year season, which could open the door to their dreams of becoming competitive lion dancers. "Young Lions" premieres Feb 8 on #CNYWe'd like to thank the following lion dance troupes for allowing us to follow them around:- 關聖文化宮 Kun Seng Keng- Khuan Loke Dragon And Lion Dance Association- E-Xin Dragon & Lion Dance毅信龍獅體育會

Posted by R.AGE on Friday, February 5, 2016

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Episode 1

Khuan Loke

Drummer Mariam Abdul Nazar, 20, is an Indian-Muslim girl in a lion dance troupe, but most of all, she has a passion for setting the lion dance beat.

Young Lions, Kun Seng Keng, Lion dance, World Champion

Episode 2

Kun Seng Keng

It takes a lot of skill, guts and dedication to be a five-time world champion, and that’s what Low Tong Sheng, 23, has.

Episode 3


Kent Wong is passing on the art of lion dance to the next generation of dancers.

Episode 4

Wan Seng Hang

Wong Siong Loong shares his passion for the craft of lion head-making under the tutelage of renowned lion head-maker, Master Siow Ho Phiew.

Watch the bonus video

We had so much fun filming the training, we put together a special video featuring GoPro footage of lion dance – from the lion’s POV – just for you! Credits go to the awesome E-Xin Dragon & Lion Dance troupe for letting us get this exclusive sneak peek under a lion’s costume.

#BTS photo gallery

Check out our Facebook gallery of what it was like filming Young Lions.

Different troupes, different roles, and even different races; but all united under one common goal – to make their...

Posted by R.AGE on Saturday, 6 February 2016

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