self-preservationI may not be getting a lot of play time on the Star Wars Living Card Game (SWLCG in short), but am really loving the game. It’s quick and dirty Star Wars fun featuring some decent-looking artwork.


In case you’re wondering, the latest expansion pack, or Force Pack, is out. A Dark Time features thirty brand new cards, across multiple factions. The ones covered here include Jedi, Scum and Villainy, Imperial Navy, Smugglers and Spies and Sith.


My personal favorite looks like the Jedi and Scum and Villainy ones. The Jedi one (Self-Preservation) looks pretty exciting – I like how something like Unwavering Resolve gets to sneak in extra Force icons when you don’t have enough units to play in a Force struggle. This leads into a boon for the accompanying Gotal Outcast – bam, he’s now a double hitter against Dark Side objectives!


Wow, I really am tempted to buy a pack now. Aren’t you?


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